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Here are answers to questions you may have.

What industries do you work in?
I do not limit my services to a specific industry. Having experience in banking, not-for-profit, entertainment and consumer goods provides a wide range of experience to draw from for any business.

What is the cost of your marketing services?
This is the age old question of: "How long is a piece of string?". Every client has specific needs and limited budget. I recognize this and charge for the amount of work that is required by you. I am happy to provide a quote once I  have the scope of the project that you have in mind.

Will I have to sign a contract?
Yes. A contract will be written up before any project is started. This is to protect both parties. It ensures that all costs, deliverables and timelines are negotiated and agreed to.

Do you work with competitive products and brands?
do not work for competitive products or brands while I am working with you. All information that you provide remains strictly confidential and will not be shared or used with any other client. This is incorporated in the contract that is signed prior to the commencement of any project.

Do you only provide marketing strategies and tactics?
No. I also provide campaign implementation and management services. I provide you with the choice to implement campaigns or use me to implement strategies that I have crafted to uniquely serve your business.

What is integrated marketing?
Marketing MechanX will provide integrated marketing solutions. This means that marketing will be managed as part of your core business processes and will contribute to the bottom line of your business. Integrated marketing is therefore:
  • Rooted in your businesses strategy and goals
  • Integrates brand strategy across your businesses targeted segments
  • Integrates brand strategy across the dimensions of your customers' behavior
  • Integrates marketing communication across all channels and media

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