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Marketing MechanX is a strategic marketing solutions company that delivers results. Focusing on your needs helps me develop marketing strategies and social media marketing plans that drive and support your small business.

As a small business marketing consultant it is important for me to understand your business and your goals. Through this understanding I can provide social media and marketing services that disrupt and engage your target market. The four key areas where I can make an impact on your bottom line are:
  • Integrated marketing strategies
  • Campaign management and measurement
  • Social media marketing strategies and services
  • Positioning and branding
The value of my work is shown through my exceptional marketing output. Over 10 years of marketing experience has taught me that a lack of clear marketing vision can be the difference between good social media and marketing and phenomenal success.

Think of me as your partner in progress.

Your partner in progress

Marketing MechanX is a consultancy that focuses on social media and marketing solutions. I
 guide your small business marketing strategies and social media marketing to ensure that you get the greatest marketing "bang for your buck".

I drive and support strategy, planning, project management and implementation of marketing initiatives for your business. This means all your marketing is tied to your business objectives.

Small businesses often don't have the resources to make the most of their marketing strategies. The result is that opportunities to grow your business and use social media marketing tools may be inadvertently missed. By identifying your businesses needs and objectives I have the ability to provide social media and marketing services that deliver measurable results.

Marketing MechanX helps you strategize, implement, manage and measure your marketing campaigns. I use marketing tools that engage your target market and drive your ROI. The marketing services I provide are designed to work in synergy with your business objectives creating a social media and marketing drive that is savvy, individual and ahead of the trend.

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